Do you own Crypto? If so, where will you keep your coins? Does the exchange or wallet help you increase your assets? But, Plus Token generates profits through trading among the exchanges and your assets will increase. Do you believe in that? The fact is that the amount of Crypto you own is not only secure, but it also generates a stable source of income.

What is Plus Token?

On the Coin Marketcap, there are over 2000 coins and 15,000 trading floors. But the price of each type of coin on the trading floors is different. Plus Token uses artificial intelligence AI, buys coins at one trading floor at cheap price and resells at another trading floor at high price to generate profit and share with the community. This is called Arbitrage Trading. Please download the app at the address below.
There are 7 types of coin traded for arbitrage: ETH, BTC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, RRP, DASH.
After registration, you need to transfer your coins to your Plus Token wallet. On your Plus Token wallet, you have to set up the transaction and through arbitrage trading among the exchanges, every day after 16 p.m (Vietnamese time), you will receive profit on your Plus Token.
Profit ranges from 10% to 18% per month. Profit is converted into USD and can be converted into ETH at any time. It can be reinvested or withdraw immediately, or Plus Token can be stored to receive double profit from the token price increase.
Plus Token that generates profits through arbitrage trading among the exchages is a new and effective method among current electronic money trading methods. Do you not get a stable source of income from storing Crypto coins? Do you have no suitable Crypto? It is not a problem, you can buy the coins you want then transfer them to Plus Token.



OPEN DAY : 14/9/2018 JEJU – KOREA